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Thanks guys!

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announcement #1 - community promo 

Our founder, who is no longer RPing with us, started this RP with the idea that the players could choose their own face claims. I am big on that idea, it’s definitely why I chose DU over other Disney-related RPs, but unfortunately it makes the comm hard to promo and hard to attract new members.


The solution I’ve come up with is to create character bios with face claims attached for promo purposes only. If someone likes the bio and the FC, they can apply with those and keep them, if not, they can be changed. They’re only suggestions.

What does everyone think about that? Anyone vehemently opposed?

On that note, if there’s a character that you’d like to see around here, PLEASE send us an ask! You can include a bio, face claim, and whatever else you’d like. Hopefully we’ll have some new blood around here to perk things up!

announcement #3 - removed 

This one makes me super sad, you guys.

Due to inactivity, the following characters have been removed from the RP:

Jane Porter
Wendy Darling
Olivia Flaversham
Bill Beaker
Janice Hensen

Please update your follows accordingly.


announcement #2 - “disney u members” tags 

Everyone please add “disney u members” to your tracked tags! Any time there’s an important message (like this one) we want to make sure all of our members see it, even if it’s pages behind on your dash.

Please add it ASAP!

hi everyone! 

Good to see people coming back now that the holidays are over! Feel free to para with more than one person at a time so everyone is included and writing!

Also, question: would it make it easier for you guys if there was some sort of central plot? Or some sort of device to put people in each other’s paths? Speaking especially about faculty and students, it seems like its hard to find reasons to interact. Would it be helpful for each student character, when accepted, to get a class schedule? Bear in mind that more classes might be added as we gain more faculty.

We’d love to hear any suggestions you guys have! Reply or send us an ask!

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prize-forrottenjudgement-deacti wrote:
"Meg is back!"

Welcome back!

Everyone, please update your follows for Meg! (same player, new account!)


Please unfollow John Joel Prince.

The account has been deactivated and removed from the student directory.

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usedtotheview wrote:
"Flynn Rider here, ready for action!"

Welcome to Disney U, Flynn!

Happy 2012! 

Happy New year, DU! Best wishes to everyone.

Hopefully now that the holidays are over, we’ll be busier and more of you will be able to come back and RP!